Media Galore Agency

We are result driven Social media marketing agency. We are based in the UK but we provide services for local Bracknell/Berkshire, UK, and USA clients.

 We offer :

 – Facebook and Instagram  advertising (ads creation and management),

 – Leads generation,

– Active Facebook and Instagram engagement,

Extras available ( services are tailored to the client’s needs).



Business owners who are ready to get visible, grow, and generate revenue using the power of social media.

We’re a marketing and advertising agency that specializes in using social media to spread your brand message and generate leads. We offer services that help you get visible and known using social media platforms and generate excellent results via paid Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

We work very closely with each and every one of our clients to develop strategies that are tailored especially for them. We conduct weekly reports, split testing, create lead magnets *at extra cost, and more. We implement great strategies to get you the best results possible.

We understand how important marketing and advertising are! That’s why we’ve got you covered from A to Z: from creating a free discovery call for you, which will give us an opportunity to present our services, to implementing great strategies for your business or personal brand.

You sit and relax—let us do the job!

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